Are Bidets Healthy? 5 Health Benefits of Using a Bidet

Yes! More sanitary than wiping with toilet paper, bidets improve your personal hygiene and are part of a holistic approach to health and wellness. Here are the five main health benefits of using a bidet:

Top 5 Bidet Health Benefits:

  1. More hygienic – Bidets leave you much cleaner than wiping with toilet paper. This is not only more comfortable, it limits bacteria left behind and reduces the risk of infection, itch, and discomfort.
  2. Relieves constipation – Many suffer from constipation. Some of our bidet toilets and bidet seats come with an Enema Wash setting that will help soften the impacted stool in the colon. The warm water gently fills the lower colon and helps get the stool ready to move. The pressure of the water will also help trigger the necessary bowel movement.
  3. Helps heal hemorrhoids – You can also use a bidet with an Enema Wash to help heal hemorrhoids. A warm-water enema will soothe the inflammation and make passing stools easier. It will also clean the area without requiring the use of scratchy toilet paper – keeping inflammation under control. Many times, hemorrhoids also include aggravated skin; warm water helps it heal.
  4. Helps postpartum moms recover – A gentle feminine wash cleanses away discharge or blood commonly experienced right after childbirth – while the cool (or warm!) water soothes the irritated area. Bidets wash waste away without irritating the vaginal area while reducing the risk of bacteria in areas with tears or stitches.
  5. Keeps you clean during menstruation – During a period, women can use a bidet’s Feminine Wash to quickly and thoroughly cleanse their genitals. Using the spray to wash outer genitals can help prevent infections, irritation, and inflammation. For women who are experiencing inflammation, keeping the area clean with frequent, cold water washing to minimize discomfort.

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